# Notes

Note packets are for recording the researchers' notes, providing a place to explain how the Claim was extracted from the source artifact, how certain assumptions were made in assigning the value or veracity, etc.

# Required Properties

# ID

The unique XARK ID.

# RevisionID

The unique XARK ID of this revision of this entity.

# Parent

The unique XARK ID of the Claim this belongs to. This must be a local Claim (part of the same Artifact).

# Author

URI pointing to the author of the note (a person, organization, etc.). This may be a web page, email address, username, or other URI.

# Note

The text of the note. Notes can be plain text or several forms of rich text (see below).

# Optional Properties

# Type

String with the MIME type of the note. Without this property, HTML is assumed. Valid values are text/plain, text/html, and text/markdown.

# Private

Boolean. If true, the note should not be exported or shared by default.

# TypeScript Definition for JSON

import { XarkId } from "./ValueTypes"

interface IRecord {
	id: XarkId
	revisionId: XarkId

export { IRecord }
import { IRecord } from "./IRecord"
import { XarkUri } from "./ValueTypes"

interface INote extends IRecord {
	author: XarkUri
	note: string
	type?: "text/plain" | "text/html" | "text/markdown"
	private?: boolean

export { INote }

# JSON Example

# XMP (XML+RDF) Example

<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#"
		<xark:note>This is a note</xark:note>