# XarkPosition

Position is a special structured type. It is used to indicate where, in an artifact, a Claim is found. If the claim appears in multiple locations, an array of of Positions can be used.

A Position consists of a frame (1-based) and a rectangle formed by top, left, bottom, and right attributes.

  • For traditional documents and photographs, the frame indicates the "page" of the document. A photograph, for example, has a front and a back, so it has two "pages."
  • For audiovisual artifacts, the frame indicates the millisecond where the position starts (not the video or cell frame). The optional length indicates how long the position is value, in milliseconds.
  • The rectangle coordinates are in percentages, from 0-100.
  • The rectangle coordinates may be used for audio-only artifacts to indicate the perceived geospatial position of the relevant audio. Otherwise, for audio-only artifacts, they should be set to 0.
  • This may be expanded with additional attributes for novel media types, but this will be considered a breaking change, so software is not required to retain unrecognized attributes.

# TypeScript Definition

interface IPosition {
	frame: number
	length?: number
	top: number
	left: number
	bottom: number
	right: number

export { IPosition }